Halocarbon Products Corporation first produced fluorinated anesthetics in 1959 based on our experience with fluorinated chemicals. Fluorinated anesthetics were developed to solve the problem of fires in the operating room caused by the use of flammable anesthetics such as ether and cyclopropane. With the production of fluroxene in 1960, Halocarbon was the first manufacturer of fluorinated anesthetics in the U.S. Halothane was the next natural step for Halocarbon.

Currently, Halocarbon produces isoflurane and sevoflurane. We are a major producer of trifluoroethanol and hexafluoroisopropanol, the main raw materials for isoflurane and sevoflurane, respectively.

As a pioneer in anesthetic production and purity and a leader in value, let Halocarbon be your source for inhalation anesthetics.

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