Oils Applications

Aerospace & Aviation

Our inert oils and greases are used widely in the aviation and aerospace industry. Halocarbon oils and greases are used as oxygen lubricants in many systems. These oils and greases are used by the aerospace industry in many of the oxidizer components of the propulsion system. NASA has approved our MT-3I grease in systems using 10,000 psi of oxygen. Contact Customer Service for your particular application.

Chemical Industry

Halocarbon inert oils and inert waxes are safe to use with most aggressive chemicals. They are used where hydrocarbon oils and greases are not recommended. Halocarbon oils and greases are used in diverse applications including the following:

  • Most chlorine services
  • Fill fluid for mechanical seals
  • Inert process solvent
  • Hydrogen peroxide service
  • Sodium or potassium chlorate pumps
  • Water treatment systems

Cryogenic & Other Gases

Liquid oxygen and other aggressive gases have been used for many years with our products. The Halocarbon oils and greases are completely safe and compatible for use in oxygen systems. Our products are recommended for compressed air systems. Contact Customer Service for specific applications.

Diving/Oxygen-Enriched Gases

No Bubble TroubleHalocarbon oils and greases have been used in both nitrox and high pressure compressed air systems. Our inert lubricants meet the both ASTM oxygen compatibility standards and the European EN ISO standard for compatibility. Our products can be used safely in all your diving applications and life support systems. In addition, our inert lubricants have been used in hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Contact Customer Service for specific applications and questions.

General Inert Lubrication

Halocarbon oils and greases can be used in a wide variety of applications. The major applications of our oils are for general purpose inert lubrication, such as bearings, compressors, gear boxes and pumps. They can be used in place of ordinary lubricants for most applications. Our Physical Properties Chart can help to assist you as to which product to use or you can Contact Customer Service

Genetic Research

Halocarbon 700 and 200 oils are used by many research centers as an inert media for the growth of drosophila larvae in genetic research. These inert oils allow oxygen to pass through while keeping the larvae moist. The oils prevent the larvae from drying out during the incubation period.

HaloVac® Inert Vacuum Pump Oils

HaloVac oils have been specially developed by Halocarbon Products to meet the needs of the industry for inert, nonflammable and hydrogen free vacuum pump oils. These inert oils can be used for either plasma etching (PE) or low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD). HaloVac oils are safe to use with oxygen and other aggressive chemicals.

HaloVac oils are available in four different viscosities (60, 100, 125 and 190 centistokes). Halovac 190 offers the lowest vapor pressure. The viscosity range enables you to choose the right oil for your vacuum pump. HaloVac oils can be used in all major pumps supplied to the semiconductor industry.

HaloVac oils have the advantage over perfluoropolyether oils that they are more stable to aluminum chloride and boron trichloride. Contact Customer Service for your specific requirements.

Nonflammable Hydraulic Fluids

Halocarbon oils are inert, nonflammable and have low compressibility. They make ideal inert hydraulic fluids for systems exposed to heat and fire. The U.S. Air Force has done extensive testing of our oil as a nonflammable hydraulic fluid. Contact Customer Service for your specific requirements.

Inert Instrument Fill Fluids

Halocarbon oils are used in fluid-filled instruments because of their nonflammability, inertness and low compressibility. Our 4.2 and 6.3 oils are most often used. Contact Customer Service for your specific requirements.

Laboratory Apparatus

The use of our 25-5S grease for laboratory apparatus is very common. It is a good high-vacuum, high temperature inert grease for stopcorks and ground joints. Contact Customer Service for specific requirements.

Inert Low-Temperature Bath Fluids

Constant temperature baths used for calibrating instruments use Halocarbon 0.8. This oil offers a low pour point and low viscosity and is nonflammable. Contact Customer Service for your needs.


Halocarbon inert oils have been used for the metal drawing and forming for molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and zirconium. In addition our inert waxes are used as a coating to protect metal surfaces. Contact Customer Service for more information.

Pulp & Paper Industry

Halocarbon oil and greases are safe and compatible with most bleaching agents used in the pulp and paper industry. Some of the bleaching agents that can safely only be used with inert lubricants are:

  • Chlorine
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ozone