Benefits of Halocarbon 0.8 Oil for Calibration Baths

Advanced cryogenic calibration baths require sophisticated fluids that perform uniformly within a wide range of temperatures and produce the highest accuracy possible. Halocarbon formulates Halocarbon 0.8 Oil to guarantee low toxicity, high electrical resistivity, high thermal conductivity, and no water absorption to meet these sophisticated industry demands. As a stable and reliable fluidits extreme ease in handling combined with premium physical properties make it an ideal fluid for use in this type of application. Below are the benefits of Halocarbon 0.8 Oil as a cryogenic fluid in calibration baths.  

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil Performs in a Wide Range of Temperatures 

Fluids used in calibration baths must maintain mechanical, chemical, and physical composition in extremely low temperatures. Accordingly, Halocarbon 0.8 Oil is engineered to maintain an unusually very stable viscosity in temperatures ranging from -100°C to 70°C. Exhibiting excellent fluidity at the lowest bath temperatures to maintain efficient calibration bath performance 

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil Facilitates Extremely Accurate Findings 

Calibration baths are required to test and recalibrate probes used for a variety of applications within technically demanding segments including biomedical, aerospace, and outer space industries where accuracy is imperative. To accommodate ever-more demanding calibration standards, Halocarbon 0.8 Oil combines high-performance qualities to ensure ultimate precision when recalibrating probes. This inert fluorinated oil’s enduring stability results from a highly controlled polymerization process and maintains its unique combination of properties long-term to ensure consistent results.  

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil Resists Water Absorption 

Due to the inherent properties of Halocarbon PCTFE chemistry, Halocarbon 0.8 Oil maintains a consistently low viscosity allowing it to be used in a diverse range of temperatures and environments, while still remaining a uniform fluid that will not combine with water or ice. Accordingly, Halocarbon 0.8 Oil calibration baths maintain their required fluidity and chemical balance throughout the entire calibration process. Our industry-leading fluid offers outstanding resistance to water absorption to deliver more accurate results and easier cryogenic bath maintenance 

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil – Low Toxicity 

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil presents no known potential acute or prolonged health effects. Tests on the impact of inhalation, ingestion, skin contact or eye contact with this fluid all exhibit safe-to-handle properties with normal and routine lab PPE. As Halocarbon 0.8 Oil offers low levels of toxicity, this sophisticated liquid is a viable resource for an array of tests and environments.  

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil Guarantees High Electrical Resistivity 

Calibration bath fluids should possess high electrical resistivity to maintain mechanical stability and enhanced usability and safety in a variety of test environments. Halocarbon 0.8 Oil is an extremely stable fluid capable of resisting the potential high levels of electricity produced in some testing environments. 

Halocarbon offers a wide portfolio of high-performance fluids available in various viscosities, grades, and prices to fit multiple applications. Halocarbon’s 0.8 Oil is a high-performing low molecular weight polymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) and provides manufacturers and distributors with a safe, nonflammable, and chemically inert solution for calibration bath processes. While this liquid is primarily used for sophisticated calibration bath fluids, it is a versatile oil for multi-use applications. Need a specially formulated fluid with advanced excellent and chemical properties? Talk with our experts. 

Benefits of Halocarbon 0.8 Oil for Calibration Baths

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